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CS101                                      Assignment-5                               2010-2011



1.         Write a c program without using any semicolon which output will : Hello word.

2.         Swap two variables without using third variable.

3.         What is dangling pointer in c?

4.         What is wild pointer in c ?

5.         What are merits and demerits of array in c?

6.         Do you know memory representation of

int a = 7; ?

7.         What is and why array in c ?

8.         Why we use do-while loop in c? Also tell any properties which you know ?

9.         Why we use static variable in c? Tell me all properties of static variables which you know?

10.       What is the meaning of prototype of a function?

11.       Write a c program to modify the constant variable in c?

12.       What is the meaning of scope of a variable?

13.       What is pointer to a function?

14.       Write a c program to find size of structure without using sizeof operator ?

15.       What is NULL pointer?

16.       What is difference between pass by value and pass by reference ?

17.       What is size of void pointer ?

18.       What is difference between uninitialized pointer and null pointer?

19.       Can you read complex pointer declaration ?

20.       What are the parameter passing conventions in c ?

21.       What is the far pointer in c?

22.       Do you know pointer to function? Explain it by any example?

23.       What is meaning of continue keyword in c ?

24.       Tell me all the properties of variables in c?

25.       What is void data type? Tell me any three use of void data type.

26.       What is constant variable in c? What are the benefits of using constant variable?

27.       Do you know any post tested loop in c ?

28.       What is cyclic properties of data type in c? Explain with any example.

29.       Do you know nested loop. Explain by an example ?  

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Nov 13, 2011, 2:06 AM